About us

Meet the Alaida team!


 Josep Reixach      Balti Planasdemunt    Jordi Gratacós        Carla Arqués

 President              CEO                            R&D&I                     New markets


Our aim


Both life and death are parts of the same cycle, of a vital path in search of natural balance.

Our products are carefully designed and elaborated to respect the course of life without altering the delicate laws of nature. Preserving the most valuable of the balances. Providing the opportunity to complete our life cycle with the best legacy for future generations: an intact, better world.

An ecological, sustainable and natural option. A lasting memory for all.


Our values

Alaida, arises in response to the growing social demand for a sustainable activity, committed to the environment.

This commitment, this responsibility to preserve our environment is, together with respect for our loved ones, the values that move us. All the raw materials used in our products are totally respectful with the environment.

Alaida meets certified environmental regulations of the European Union.


Experience and adaptability

After almost two decades of hard work we have increased, day by day, our productive capacity, fully industrializing our processes, without forgetting the personal and unique care that those who choose our product claim and deserve, that care has made us leaders in the sector.


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