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Biodegradable and Water soluble urns carefully designed to meet your needs while being respectful with nature



Our products are carefully designed and elaborated to respect the course of life without altering the delicate laws of nature.  All our products have been certified by two reputed universities in Spain who reassure the high quality of our materials and finishes


All our products are biodegradable and 100% respectful with the environment, hence 90% of our urns are also water soluble. With a polyvalent nature families are able to keep the Alaida urns both at home or incorporated in the environment


After almost two decades of leading the design and production of high quality products we have fully industrialized our processes, offering the most competitive prices. With a large capacity and the ability to generate new ad-hoc products we wish to become your partner in this journey

Personalisation at your disposal

Alaida support team

If you wish to place a large order (360 urns per year or more), would like to have a personalized support or you come from outside the UK or Switzerland please contact us directly to alaidalegadonatural@gmail.es and we will make sure to take care of your query and give you the best quotes 

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